The Hooligans ecosystem is made up of several collections. Each one of them plays an important role within the Hoolieverse, a fun interactive platform that serves as the basis for everything that happens with the "Hoolies".

Stone Age Hooligans

Supply: 4,500

Policy: 6f87aa2ea552ecd24732d62831916ece54c52348417398085358cbed


Stone Age Hooligans hit the Cardano blockchain October 2021. Traveling through time from the year 5000 BC, these 4500 randomly generated cavemen launched the greatest journey from the Stone Age to the Technological Age.

Stone Age Hooligals

Supply: 2,222

Policy: 4b0a8d5ff1f8ef6d0a651357e9cb001e07b8cd89763bb19d6dc2b4c9


In search of Hooligan husbands, 2,222 Stone Age Hooligals broke out onto the blockchain in January 2022. After choosing a husband, these Gals take their place beside their Gan in one of our 3 types of staking caves ready to passively earn both ADA and their native currency $Hoolios.

Stone Age Hoolibrats

Supply: 1,500

Policy: ca25fcbaed9ec8a2cc3e33773f0df5825105781f969f6ab4466e37a1


Once our Gals and Gans shacked up in their caves, it was not long before 1500 Stone Age Hoolibrats were born. As a reward for paired families, these mischievous Brats were airdropped to holders as a boost to help their parents get the cave of their dreams.

The Hooligans

Supply: 2,222

Policy: 76466e25f2d59a54e6e00fe00a1974278c1d63dc0ce5feabc296921a


Bringing the animated Hooligan collection to life, talented 3D artist Headroom created 2,222 Hooligans in October 2022. These Hooligans play by their own rules, filling up their special Fraternity Caves as well as being a key guide into the CNFT Cemetery.

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