Javier M.

Javier is an experienced developer based in Spain with a 25 year experience in developing. Early supporter of Cardano and passionate about web 3 technologies, he’s executed the Hooligans roadmap flawlessly and he’s delivered innovative utility that has not yet been seen in the Cardano space.


Graphic designer, 3D artist, musician, composer, husband, father and above all, seeker of inner peace. Born in South Africa, and at 10 years of age, started studying music, and later formally studied classical guitar. At age 18, started his own musical school, and had the opportunity to share his love for music with aspiring musicians from all walks of life.

After which, he spent the next 15 years as a touring musician. Upon moving back to South Africa he established his own Graphic, Audio & Video Studio, and has since composed for, and recorded with acclaimed Artists & projects.

Besides creating the 3D Hooligan collection, Headroom is creator/founder of Arcus Ferrago as well as creator of the Gingerbread Squad's Holidazed Collection.

Josh JD

A crypto enthusiasts who found too much time on his hands during Covid. Charts quickly led to NFT art which gave way to a passion for decentralization and all things Cardano. Along with The Hooligans, he's also a project manager for several other OG projects on Cardano.

Besides Web3, Josh spends his free time outdoors, hiking, and working at an his animal hospital. His primary focus is utilizing the Hooligan project to bring value to all Hooligans and Hooligals in ways that promote the Hooligan brand as well as its individual members.

Bitcoin Class of 2017.

The Great Hooligan Council

The Great Hooligan Council is a group of 12 community leaders, long time holders and whales that participate in every decision taken in the project.

Team is fully doxxed via verification process.

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