NFT Portfolio

Enter NFT Portfolio — an innovative NFT portfolio tracking tool — exclusive for Hooligan Holders.

In order to get exclusive access you only need to hold, at least, one NFT from any of our Collections.

NFT Portfolio is a game-changer. It removes the need to manually track how your Cardano NFTs are performing by fetching live-data from the blockchain and allowing you to easily see your profits and losses on every NFT you hold, as well as your entire portfolio. You no longer need to manually track this information on an excel sheet. The tool will pull everything from your actual purchase price, to the current floor price of each project — in real time — and tell you the current status of each of your holdings.

This tool is substantially different from others of the same style. The approach of NFT Portfolio is based on average prices and balancing profit and loss, like CoinMarketCap but for NFTs.

It does not only shows us the floor price of your collections, as the vast majority of apps do, it also scans your wallet history from the ground up, finds your purchases, your sales, listings and stakings and calculates everything for you.

If you want to give it a try, you only need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Connect your wallet

    Head to your Hooliecave and validate yourself as a holder.

  2. Add secondary wallets (if you have more than one)

    It's important to add your wallets before your first imports. NFT Portfolio marks internal transfers as neutral buy/sales so its important to know that all of them are own by you.

  3. Import and validate your transactions

  4. Go to the Dashboard and explore your data

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