50% of the Royalties made from secondary market sales and fixed rates of Hoolio tokens will be distributed to holders using a special staking procedure through an internal tool developed inside our website.

Connecting Discord and wallets

Holders must link their discord account and verify their wallets into the website. We support all wallets. For those which don't support dapp connector, such as Daedalus, we have a manual validation process in place.

Once there, a simple UI will guide you through the different options for staking.

Staking Options

In the Hoolieverse there are three ways to earn our Native Token (Hoolio) and ADA rewards coming from royalties.

  • Family Caves

    Caves can be inhabited for family units. These units consist of one Stone Age Hooligan and one Stone Age Hooligal. Hooligans with the trait "Rainbow Bandana" are able to pair also with another male.

    Stone Age Hoolibrats can be added to family units in order to reach better caves. See Types of Caves section.

  • Fraternities

    Stone Age Hooligans collection has a supply of 4,500. This is more than double than the supply of Stone Age Hooligals (2,222). Due to that fact there will be unstaked single Hooligans that won't find a partner, for those unlucky (or lucky) gans there is another option: Joining a Fraternity. The Hooligans 3D can also join their old OG friends here. See Types of Fraternities section.

  • CNFTery (Coming soon)

    Another way to earn Hoolio is staking rugged NFTs from other projects in the CNFTery. Details on this will be released soon.

Achieving your roles

In the left sidebar you can see several progress bars indicating the status of your achieved roles so far. This is how you get them:

These roles will be synced up with Discord and unblock certain perks and secret channels.

Creating your first family

Once you hold Hooligans and Hooligals you will see them in your dashboard.

You can either create a family from this screen, clicking on the CREATE A FAMILY button of the selected Hoolie or you can go to the Families section clicking in the top menu.

Now you need to choose a partner and click on the CREATE YOUR FAMILY button.

As you can see, both Hooligan and Hooligal have a value. This value is determined by the rarity of the NFT in the collection and its called Hoolio Power (HP). An easy way to check the HP before a purchase is using our Chrome Extension which will enable a viewer in and

The summed family HP will determine the type of Cave they are inhabiting. The higher the value the better the Cave. Let's take a look at the different type of Caves and the rewards that they will provide.

Types of Caves

There are three type of caves that will allow you to earn different rewards:

🛖 Regular Caves

  • Minimum family value: 100 HP

  • Hoolio rewards per epoch: 300₶

  • Royalty ADA rewards multipier: 1X

Big Caves

  • Minimum family value: 45,000 HP

  • Hoolio rewards per epoch: 600₶

  • Royalty ADA rewards multipier: 2X

💠 Luxury Caves

  • Minimum family value: 60,000 HP

  • Hoolio rewards per epoch: 1200 ₶

  • Royalty ADA rewards multipier: 4X

See Royalties Rewards Formula.

Cave Power ups

There are two ways to improve your existing caves:

Low income multiplier

Caves with less than 3,000 HP will receive a government check of 1.5X Hoolio rewards each epoch. That means 450₶ instead of 300₶ for a regular Cave.

Brat adoptions

Stone Age Hoolibrats can be adopted by existing Families. As their parents, Brats have an added value attached and will help in the total family value. You can add as many brats as you need to reach a better cave.

The family in the example above is inhabiting a Big Cave because the value is above 45,000HP, but they are only 880HP short to reach a Luxury Cave (60,000HP). You can adopt a brat for that family clicking on the Adopt a brat button.

Now choose as many brats as you need, from your wallet, in order to reach the desired amount. Instantly, your family will move to a better cave and start earning more rewards in the next epoch.


Fraternities are the new thing into the Hooliverse and they will be only used by OG and 3D (males).

In order to "open" a fraternity you will need a Hooligan Leader. Once the fraternity is open, you need to gather a group of friends to start staking on it.

Type of Fraternities

- Alpha (α) Fraternity

This is the most exclusive one and will give you the most rewards. This fraternity needs a group of 5 Hooligans. The leader needed for opening registrations is a 3D Hooligan below rarity rank 300. Some 3D have an Alpha key in mouth that can be used even if their rank is not that high.

Hoolio rewards per epoch: 200 ₶ / member

- Beta (β) Fraternity

This one is also exclusive but cheaper. Will give you a decent amount of rewards too. This fraternity needs a group of 3 Hooligans. The leader needed for opening registrations is a 3D Hooligan below rarity rank 800. Some 3D have a Beta key in mouth that can be used even if their rank is not that high.

Hoolio rewards per epoch: 150 ₶ / member

- Gamma (Γ) Fraternity This is a regular fraternity that almost everyone can afford it. Will give you a base amount of rewards. This fraternity needs a group of 2 Hooligans. The leader needed for opening registrations is a 3D Hooligan below rarity rank 1200. Some 3D have a Gamma key in mouth that can be used even if their rank is not that high.

Hoolio rewards per epoch: 100 ₶ / member

Royalties Rewards Formula

The total amount of royalties will be shared each Cardano Epoch and the formula is as follows:

(Total ADA / Total Caves) x Holder Caves


Royalties earned on the current Epoch: 100 ADA

Holder A: (3 Caves)

  • 1 Cave (1x)

  • 1 Big Cave (2x)

Holder B: (4 Caves)

  • 1 Luxury Cave (4x)

Holder C: (3 Caves)

  • 3 Cave (1x)

Total Caves: 10

Rewards by Cave: 10 ADA (Total ADA / Total Caves)

So the Holders will receive:

  • Holder A: 30 ADA

  • Holder B: 40 ADA

  • Holder C: 30 ADA

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